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Selwyn Bio

Lone Wolf Films (NZ) is managed by New Zealand-based investigative journalist, Selwyn Manning.

Selwyn Manning is an investigative political journalist with 20 years media experience. He specializes in geo-intelligence issues and Australasia/Asia/Pacific affairs. He is also a former New Zealand Government press secretary and spokesperson for the Minister of Police, Internal Affairs, Ethnic Affairs, and Civil Defence Emergency Management. He holds MCS (Hons. first division) and BCS (Hons. first class) degrees.

Manning is the author of the book: I Almost Forgot About The Moon – the disinformation campaign against Ahmed Zaoui, and director of the documentaries Morality Of Argument – sustaining a state of being nuclear free, and, Behind The Shroud – juxtapositioning the frailties of intelligence and trade craft. He is also the author of a chapter on new media political power in the peer reviewed book: Scooped – The Politics and Power of Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand, and has written two peer reviewed scholarly articles. He has extensive experience as a commentator providing live political analysis to a wide range of television and radio organizations broadcasting in New Zealand, Australia and globally including the BBC (Five Live, London) and BBC (World Service). His work has caused ministerial inquiry, legislative and regulatory change, and has been the foundation of Parliamentary debate.

Manning was editor, director, and former chair of the board of directors of Scoop Media Ltd (www.scoop.co.nz) and led assignments offshore in the Pacific Region, Australia, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States, and at the United Nations. He was appointed as establishment chair of AUT University’s Pacific Media Centre (2007-2009), and is acting chair of AUT University’s school of communications Industry Advisory Board. He was also a Ministerial appointee (2001 to 2004) to Alfriston College’s establishment Board Of Trustees (chair of the board, 2003-2004), governing the employment of the principal and senior staff, and the construction and opening of the first state funded secondary school to be built within the Greater Auckland region in 25 years.

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