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Welcome to Lone Wolf Films

Lone Wolf Films (NZ) is an independent production company based in Auckland, New Zealand and is managed by New Zealand-based investigative journalist, Selwyn Manning – MCS (Hons.), BCS (Hons.). Click here for Selwyn’s bio.

Selwyn says: “At Lone Wolf Films (NZ) we produce and distribute documentary films, current affairs video, and entertainment multimedia direct to the public.

“And we specialise in producing independent films and programmes in a gritty style, seeking always to unearth truth and, when necessary, to challenge authority.”

Issues investigated include:

  • Political and cultural themes developing within the Pacific region’s island states
  • Climate and environmental impact and adaptation subjects
  • Intelligence, security, human rights, and justice cases.


Physical Address:

If you are interested in more information about our docos, please do contact us direct via phone: +6421611958 or via this form:

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